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Your next (part-time) job!

You get it at Flying Monkey!

Get paid every week

Don't wait for your salary. We pay out wages and bonuses weekly. You deserve that!

Fat bonuses

There are more things in life than work. That is why, in addition to a generous salary, we have a unique bonus system.

Full-time, part-time, freelance, internship

Whatever stage of your hospitality career you are in. We help you find the best places to work.

I'm looking for a job

You want a great job in hospitality that fits your life. Found it!

I'm looking for a part-time job

A part-time job with a good salary and a bonus? It's here for you!

I'm looking for a gig

Freelancer? You no longer have to look for work. We've got it and you get bonuses too!

I'm looking for an internship

Are you coming to do an internship with us? Good choice! Psst. We will recompense you well ;)

Hospitality staff to be proud of

Be proud of your staff. Something we get to experience every day. And our customers too!

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Expand our team and make it more fun. We are looking forward to it! Are you the star of our next video?

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Do you want your job ASAP? Then just contact Jaron on WhatsApp! Who knows, you can get started this weekend!