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Catering staff? They are waiting for you!

Catering staff flexibly at your disposal whenever you need it! They are waiting for you. The best thing: you don't have to arrange anything yourself!

To stay opened at full capacity!

Get your staff!

Keep your catering business open to the maximum capacity at any time. That is what we stand for. You don't have to work for it anymore!

Super competitive rates

Rates that ensure that you can still make a margin. This way, we help each other grow.

Depending on experience and the position you are looking for, the rates are between € 20 and € 35 per hour.

In other words: from help with the dishes to experienced party managers or bartenders.

You don't have to do anything

No more daily struggle of keeping track of all kinds of platforms. Your Customer Success Manager arranges that you get the staff you ask for and the quality you need.

This way, your business can stay open to its highest capacity!

Available any time

Need people tonight or tomorrow? Then contact us quickly. It is certainly possible, but then we have to act fast. Call Jaron now: +31 (0) 6 - 50 61 09 44.

If you have more time you can also fill in the request form.

Quality and guarantee

The staff you get from us knows the hospitality industry in & out. We select the people for you accordingly to your needs. That way you always know what to expect.

Our staff knows what we expect from them and we know what they expect from us. We give them a good reward, opportunities for growth, and ensure that they can earn a nice bonus.

They are happy, you are happy, everyone is happy!

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