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Your next internship is paid

Do an internship at our employment agency. Not just an incredibly fun opportunity. You also get paid for your work! Why? Because you matter!


What do we offer?

Your internship to remember

In addition to being an opportunity to learn, internships should in the first place be fun. Because then you learn even more. And that is central to us!

Will my internship be paid?

Yes, of course, your internship is paid! You do hard work for us. You get to see all aspects of the temp industry, which naturally includes a big internship salary. 

From an internship to a part-time job
Most interns stay with us much longer. Once you're a Flying Monkey, you don't want to leave. And that's fine!

Bonus to your internship
You can also earn a bonus with us during your internship. Invite your friends, classmates, family and anyone else to come and work with us. You receive € 1.00 per hour that they work.

Do they invite more people? Then you also get € 0.50 per hour for that. This is how you can build up a passive income already during your internship!

For which study programs do we have internships?

If you follow one of the courses below, you can already do an internship. 

Secondary Education Programs:

  • Junior Account Manager
  • Commercial Employee
  • Intermediary
  • HR Employee
  • Event Organization Employee

Higher Education Programs:

  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • Hospitality (Hotel & Events) management
  • Human Resources

Are you following another course and still want to do an internship? Contact us and we will try to arrange that for you.

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He is ready for you. His phone is always in his hand and he's ready to welcome you to the team. The number: +31 (0)6 - 21 61 39 78